Saturday, June 11, 2011


Faith is resting.

It's depending.  It's relying on completely.  It's not intellectual.  It happens inside and shows on the outside in decisions.

It's trusting that what (or who) you put your faith in will not let you down, won't move away.

Lasting, enduring faith is not humanly possible.  At least I've never been able to sustain it on my own without help. The Bible says that the faith that saves (rescues) us is a gift from God, not from ourselves.

It's one of those daily gifts that get stronger with the using - and the way to use it is to cease from our own efforts and just rest on His strength.  It's another one of those spiritual paradoxes.  Strength in apparent weakness, life in apparent death, richness in apparent bankruptcy. I don't know why or how it works.  I just know it works.

And the side-effect of this resting paradox?  Peace.  

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