Wednesday, June 8, 2011

1 year and counting

Yes, it is true.  One year ago today I started this blog.  

I hope that at least some of you have enjoyed the journey so far, as much as I have enjoyed traveling it.

One of my first thoughts this morning was, "Today's my bloggiversary!"  It gave me such a lift to have come this far and still have things - a seemingly never-ending stream of things - to write about.   I write - that's what I do.

For you - my readers - I feel such gratitude for the written feedback, for those who quietly follow every day, and then stop me in the hallway at church or work, and make a short one-line comment that makes my day.  I'd write even without the comments, but they're like (pardon the reference to dessert) the icing on the cake!  I've made some mistakes along the way and I am so grateful that you've not thrown out the baby with the bathwater - and that you keep coming back. 

Thank you - thank you all.