Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The genuine article

Lately I've been fighting a battle of identity.  My account at facebook was made the subject of (as far as I can tell) a shape-shifter who goes from account to account posing as someone's friend (by stealing that profile pic) and getting the person to confirm a friend request.  Then he or she assumes that person's identity and does the same thing.  They do it to phish for email addresses and to send the individuals involved scams (like go to such and such website cuz they're giving away money...) 


Some folks gave me some feedback on how they knew which person was the real me.  My daughter said she saw herself listed on my wall as my daughter.  Not on the impostor's.  Others knew me well enough to know the difference.  Which makes sense of course.  People who work in banks are trained to spot a counterfeit not by studying all the tricks of counterfeiters but by studying the real article, being familiar with real money so that they can spot a fake!  

It's that way with everything.  Knowing what's real protects against the fake.  However, if you've never known the real thing, you don't know you're using a counterfeit until the real thing actually really does come along.  This is true in money, honesty, integrity, love, faith, hope, and relationship with people - including God, yourself, and others.  But once you've experienced the genuine article, the counterfeit looks more and more second-rate.  And you wouldn't ever go back to the way things were.

I sure wouldn't.

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