Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Occasionally I have benefited from the protection of supernatural beings sent by (as "The Message" describes Him) the God-of-angel-armies (aka the Lord of Hosts).  I've known protection in perilous interpersonal situations, potentially fatal car accidents, even a near-slip on an icy sidewalk.

I firmly believe that these angelic beings exist.  But I'm not about to worship them or pray to them.  They are messengers only.  I can thank the Creator for them, though - several times in my life I have known that they were with me, doing God's will concerning me, without my even being able to see.

The simpering, wimpy image of angels popularized in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance is not what I envision.  Neither do I think of people who have passed away trying to "earn their wings".  I think of powerful spiritual beings specifically created to worship God, to do God's will, and to intervene in the lives of people.  Huge creatures - at least 10 feet tall.  

Warriors. Guardians.

They protect the innocent, shield them from worse things happening to them.  They wage war with their counterparts in battles we cannot begin to imagine in a dimension that is rarely if ever perceived by humans.  They watch us and marvel at the opportunity we have to develop a personal relationship with God.

Ministering spirits, the Bible calls them, sent to minister grace (in this context, strength) to those who are the children of God.  

Yes.  Superhuman strength.  

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