Friday, October 14, 2011

Winding up

I've been doing a fair bit of thinking about the process of inner healing which I describe in detail in my book (see the link right under the archives).  

There is a certain mental or spiritual preparation that takes place prior to doing the "hard work" of healing - the day-to-day slogging leg work that (without help) is virtually impossible to maintain.  It's a very slow-motion version of a pitcher "winding up" to pitch a ball - gathering up all the energy that's available and aligning the body and the vision in such a way that when the energy is released, it's extremely focused and will achieve the desired result.  

Care must be taken not to overdo or overextend, and I must say that the process does not come naturally, so coaching and training are essential.  It really helps to have someone beside you at first who has done it before, who can walk you through the necessary steps.  

That "winding up" period is the mental or spiritual determination to do whatever is necessary to be free.  Even if it means admitting (after years of trying and failing) that you can't do it all by yourself.  Even if it means that you have to ask God for help and trust Him to give you the strength to do the next right thing.  Once He is consulted, He is tireless in His commitment to completing the masterpiece He has been given the permission to start.  

It's essential to gather those mental and emotional resources to enter the process of "getting unwrapped."  God's involvement is what gives the healing process its power to transform.  Without that, (and believe me, I've tried and I know others who have tried - and we all bear witness to this) the process will fail.  Every time.  

This is not a one-time thing, either.  It's ongoing.  Drawing strength from God to keep on becoming free ... is essential.  The grave-clothes of the past do tend to get stuck on us sometimes - some things just don't want to loosen their grip on us, and some things we aren't ready to give up.   

Yet, that is. God doesn't give up that easily.

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