Sunday, October 9, 2011

Gratitude Times

There are so many things for which I am grateful.  Throughout my life, even in the worst times, there have been havens, safe places to which I could retreat, if not in the moment, then afterward.  There have been gifts given to me - irreplaceable ones - that have enriched my life. There have been people who have touched me in ways not even they know, people I am grateful to have known or that I am grateful to have come to know.  With these things in mind, here is a random list, more or less in chronological order.  

  • good memories of laughter and song
  • the soothing and awe-inspiring power of nature
  • the outlet of music
  • animal friends who listen and love unconditionally
  • a certain Salvation Army minister named Gordon
  • a certain Sunday School teacher by the name of Jean
  • GOD for rescuing me and for picking me for my hubby
  • two hand-made quilts we still have (wedding presents) - one, a double wedding ring and the other a friendship quilt with family history written all over it - they have kept us warm through many a cold winter night
  • those who believed in my hubby and me when it seemed the whole world was against us
  • someone who left a bag of clothing on our doorstep once; we never knew who it was - it was just what we needed
  • long-time friends with whom we could be ourselves from the beginning with no fear of judgment or criticism
  • new friends with whom we can be ourselves with no fear of judgment or criticism
  • children who don't hate us
  • rewarding work which I enjoy
  • the inner healing I've known at various stages in my life - growing exponentially the last couple of years, and
  • the opportunities I've had to help others by sharing parts of that journey.
Lots of times I do forget - in the cold sweat of circumstance - how much I really have to be thankful for.  I'm glad a few people reminded me today.

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