Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Thanks - for tastes

Okay, this one is easy.

I had the most amazing chili con carne today - lip-smacking, smooth and spicy without being overpowering - it had three different kinds of peppercorns slow-cooked into it, plus ingredients I would never have expected - coffee and cocoa, garlic, and more than 3 different kinds of hot peppers.  And so this becomes my first taste to be thankful and grateful for  -  a good, steaming, medium-spicy bowl of chili con carne topped with grated mozzarella and mild cheddar cheese, and paired with a nice big roll with real butter on it.  

Turkey dinner with all the trimmings.  Dry winter squash, fluffy mashed potatoes, gravy, carrots with butter and oregano tossed in, and lots of dressing.  Mmm.  

Home made ice cream - like my dad used to make in the hand-cranked ice-cream maker.  Mom would put in all the ingredients everyone else did, plus (secret ingredient here) a package of instant vanilla pudding: who knew? Dad provided ice, salt, and elbow grease. The result - ice cream as smooth as silk, and absolutely delicious.  So much so my dad often said he wished he had a tongue a mile long so he could taste it all the way down.  (Not sure if he really thought that one through, though... grin).

Source (through Google Images)

Tender, juicy rib-eye or T-bone steak, charbroiled to perfection, and my favorite steak sauce on top, served with crispy-skinned baked potato, butter and sour cream, and baby carrots - or broccoli with grated sharp cheddar on top.  (Is it suppertime yet?)

Shepherd's pie - leftovers from that turkey dinner, preferably, with the potatoes on top to form a crust as it bakes with the gravy bubbling up through.  One of my all-time favorites!  

Mince and tats - this is a Scottish dish made with loose fried ground beef (ground pork or lamb will do if you like). Onions can be added if you like them, just cook them right in with the meat.  Once everything is browned, you make the gravy right in with the meat (mix in flour with the drained meat and use the water from the boiled vegetables to add  flavour) and let it thicken and mix the flavours together - I put in a little salt and pepper, crush some oregano into it, just let it simmer a few minutes.  That's the "mince" part.  Then you put mashed potatoes (tats) on a plate, surround or cover with some sort of cooked veggie - say, green beans or carrots - and just ladle that mince all over the top. Instant steaming yumminess.  

Pan-fried sole with a lemon butter sauce - served with au-gratin scalloped potatoes and broccoli.  Okay um, what was for supper again?

Maybe about once or twice a year - a single slice of pecan pie.  Decadently, sinfully sweet and smooth.  

Canned tuna, drained, mixed with Miracle Whip and about 6 good shakes of pepper.  No bread, nothing crunchy in it either.  Just the filling.

A Granny Smith apple, washed, cored and cut in wedges, and a spoonful of peanut butter to dip each piece into. Followed by a glass of breath-takingly cold milk.

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