Saturday, December 3, 2011


It's been an interesting five weeks.

After a flare-up of a lower back condition at work, I went to the doctor and got a referral to physiotherapy.  The treatments have been helping, as have the exercises. 

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I go to my treatments two to three times a week.  My physiotherapist lays out a moist heating pad covered by towels and I lie down on that.  Then she puts large electrodes on my lower back, hooked up to a device on a cart, which appears to be a super-sized TENS machine... and turns it up and up, until I can feel the vibrations penetrating into the deep muscles in my lower back.

The bed is adjustable, so I have my knees up, and am laying on my back on a slight incline.  I spend forty minutes in that position, soaking up that glorious deep heat and feeling the "buzz" - as she calls it.  The electricity activates and relaxes the muscles, as well as works with the heat to draw the blood to the area to promote healing of the irritated muscles.  The combined effect is quite physically potent.  

That's not the only way it is powerful.  Spending regular time looking after myself, in a peaceful place, forcing myself to be still, to do absolutely nothing, quieting my mind ... has paid spiritual dividends.  It's the perfect opportunity to spend some time praying, for one - and it also helps me to wind down and get off the hamster wheel of my mind from the stresses of the day. It reminds me to prioritize, to seek peace, to pursue balance in my life, to let the non-essentials drop away.  The spiritual contact gives me a spiritual "buzz" - it activates and relaxes my spirit at the same time, it promotes inner healing, and it makes it possible for me to function.  

Functional is good.

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