Thursday, September 15, 2011

Baby steps

I was talking briefly with someone this evening when the phrase, 'baby steps' came out of me.  I was referring to the little-known concept of sequencing: having it all, just not all at once - taking small steps now to build a foundation for use later on.  

Of course that's how life happens, isn't it?  We don't usually get to experience life all at once, but in measured steps.  

Especially when starting a new venture, or learning a new way of living.  It takes time.  Baby steps are best when starting out.  Lots of encouragement too.  Even if nobody else gives it, we can always encourage ourselves, cheer ourselves on.  It's allowed.  

I can be my own worst critic.  I try something new and I make a few mistakes.  "I sucked at it."  No (my future self tells me) - I made mistakes.  And I learned from them.  

It's normal to fall down, to look foolish at first when learning how to navigate new territory.  At one point in my life, and not too long ago at that, I wouldn't try new things or go outside my comfort zone because - well, because it wasn't comfortable.  I was scared.  I couldn't do something perfectly the first time so I didn't try.  And then I hit that point-of-no-return. That line-in-the-sand of desperation.  The "I'm sick of myself" syndrome.  All I knew was that I needed help - and I was finally willing to go to any length to get it.  

And it comes.  Not all at once - but in increments.  Degrees.  

Baby steps.

Sure, there is a lot of falling down.  Sure, I don't live life perfectly.  But that's not the be-all and end-all.  I try again; I do better next time with lessons learned from this time.  Better. Stronger.  Truer.  

And when I turn around occasionally to check my progress, I try really hard not to look at how crooked the steps were or how many times I fell down along the way, but rather ... at how far I've come.

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