Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hit the Ground Running

I must have looked a little frazzled when a former co-worker saw me tapping my foot impatiently by the elevator on my way to a physiotherapy appointment.  She asked me how things were going and I mentioned something about having hit the ground running first thing this morning and not stopping since.  She laughed and we commiserated.  She asked me why I would volunteer to do a certain task; I let her know I enjoy it and we went our separate ways.  

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Before I go any further, let me say that it's not wrong to "hit the ground running." A lot can be accomplished in the run of a day that way.  But there comes a time .... well, I'm getting ahead of myself.

After I got to my physio appointment, with electrodes attached to my lower back giving vibrations, plus a moist heating pad beneath me, I settled into the change of pace it brought. Sometimes this transition is graceful; other times it isn't and I struggle to relax.  This was one of those "can't settle down" times.  I found myself thinking about the work day I just had, how much work there was left waiting for me to do, and whether I would be able to get to work at the time I wanted to arrive tomorrowThat word should have been a red flag for me - but it wasn't; I was in full "fret mode."  It wasn't until I found myself planning what time to leave work Tomorrow so that I could do what I wanted to do Tomorrow Night, that it dawned on me.  I was doing it again.

Tomorrow is one of the great thieves of the enjoyment of the moment.  I wasn't in the moment.  I hardly noticed the moment.  I was tense and stressing about a day that had not - as yet - been granted to me.

TODAY, I reminded myself.  Live in TODAY.  After a few deep breaths, and some prayer, I started to relax.

Well, I must have relaxed a fair bit .... because by half-way through the session I woke myself up by my snoring!  

So, knowing that my body was tired and that there must be some reason for it, I started doing a bit of an inventory on what I was doing to look after myself, and - naturally - I'd been "hitting the ground running" a lot lately.  

This evening I am happy to just sit and "vegge" on Facebook, blog (yes, I LOVE to blog!), chat online, maybe even go on Skype with someone, and possibly watch some pre-recorded TV programs with our oldest daughter. And enjoy it all.

And all this so that I can have enough energy - when the time comes tomorrow - to "hit the ground running."  Again.

I just hope that by my next appointment I am not drifting off on the treatment table again....  ;D 

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