Thursday, July 28, 2011

Squeaky Clean

I went to see the dental hygienist today.  I see her every 6 months and I always ask for this particular one, because she is more gentle than any hygienist I have ever had...and I've had a few.

Even if I am meticulous about keeping my teeth clean and flossed, I need to go to have my teeth cleaned, looked at from every angle and scraped of caked-on plaque that I can't seem to reach.  I trust this person to do this on a regular basis because not only is my hygienist gentle, she can see exactly where the problem spots are and she will keep at the task until all that extra stuff is gone. She also gives me tips on how to access those problem areas for myself (if I am serious about reducing my time in the chair!!)  And I know that if I forget, or if I'm not as uhhhh, diligent at times - she will faithfully keep on getting what I can't reach.

Part of working a 12-step program is taking a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.  

I've heard people say that a person only needs to take one moral inventory in his or her life and then just maintain on a daily basis afterward.  That might be true, but sometimes I've found that a periodic face-to-face visit with my spiritual hygienist is necessary to get the caked-on spiritual grunge that I can't seem to be able to see.  My own meager efforts to keep in fit spiritual condition are okay, but they fall short; my blind spots creep up on me and I am in need of that big Light in my face and Another's loving scrutiny.  

I am so grateful that the Light of the world also loves me just as I am ... and too much to let me stagnate that way.  It's an ever-changing, ever-increasing-in-intimacy, ever-challenging relationship.

It might be intense at times - but growth into a deeper relationship with Him is why I keep coming back.

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