Friday, June 11, 2010

Bridges, not Walls

Yes, I know cell phone photos aren't the best, but it was the only thing I had.

Here's Skip's youngest daughter Emily and her new hubby Rick, the couple who moved up their wedding so that Daddy could give away his baby girl. It brought such happiness to him in the few hours before he shed his body and joined the Saviour in person.

My prayers are with them - each of the children had his or her own special bond with Skip. He leaves behind a much larger hole than the space he occupied physically.

The relationship between him and me was not good the last 10 years especially, but it was strained even 20 years ago. I had tried to reconcile with him many times, but he was just too hurt by one thing or another. The reasons were mostly misunderstandings and foolish things, and they really don't matter now. Since he has passed on to be with the Lord, he has come to understand all things, including my heart, and I sense his quirky, three-cornered smile of approval and love more in the last few days than ever before.

I've so much missed the connection with the kids; it was such an encouragement these past few days to see and talk with them, to be able to hug them, laugh and cry with them, be a part of their lives again. Walls have been demolished. Bridges have been built. Doors have been opened. Fresh air flows in... we are blessed.

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