Monday, June 21, 2010

Update on Tsuri

Last night I checked on Tsuri the rat, who had a stroke recently (see two posts ago). She was doing pretty well actually... wobbling around on her feet, unsteady, falling down easily, but at least on her feet. And - miracle - I saw her slowly lean way over on her good side and lift her back right foot up to scratch (just like a rat scratches, so fast you can barely see the foot, it's moving so fast) behind her ear!

I told my daughter Krysta about it; she was surprised and very pleased. She's been looking after the little thing and it's such an encouragement to see progress, because these things rarely reverse themselves in rats.

This morning Krysta left a note for us, because not long ago she went to bed to try to get some sleep. She asked someone - anyone - to feed Tsuri sometime between 8 and 11. I plan to don the feeding outfit (an old T-shirt covered by a towel - the little critter can be quite messy), mix up the food and feed her. I've done it once before.

Is God interested in the health of a little rat? Does He bother Himself with that sort of thing?

I believe it with all my heart. He loves us. Krysta is His child - confused, shying away from Him, yes, but His child. My daughter loves Tsuri. Why should her well-being not matter to the One who made them both? He is so desperately passionate about us developing an intimate, personal relationship with Him that He will use ANYTHING to get through to us. If that means healing a rat, yes. If it means using someone in the family to lessen the burden for her so that she can sleep peacefully knowing that Tsuri will be cared for, that's what He'll do. I consider it a privilege to minister peace to her in that way.

He's in the business of building up our faith. The faith we have is a gift from Him (see Ephesians 2:8,9) and His gifts and calling are irrevocable. He takes the responsibility for growing it. All we need to do is stay close in relationship with Him, conscious of His presence in every situation, listening for His voice in all things. Even through a little creature less than a foot long from nose to tail.

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